The Local Authority Podcast
Democracy and remote meetings with Jackie Weaver, Alison McKenzie-Folan and Matthew Skinner

Democracy and remote meetings with Jackie Weaver, Alison McKenzie-Folan and Matthew Skinner

June 9, 2021

Episode one of the Local Government Chronicle and FutureGov podcast has landed!

Our host, editor of LGC Nick Golding and his guests discuss this month’s topic: democracy and remote meetings.
The star of THAT viral video from Handforth Parish Council, Jackie Weaver (Cheshire Association of Local Councils) joins Wigan MBC chief executive Alison McKenzie-Folan, and FutureGov CEO Matthew Skinner.

Together, our panel discuss the pro’s and cons of remote meetings: what has local government done well throughout the pandemic and what could we all do better on? We hear some feedback from the ‘ground’ in Wigan, and hear first-hand about the ways in which emerging technologies could be used in future local government meetings, both physically and digitally. The future of hybrid is also up for discussion, alongside the importance of choice and local council impact – does Jackie Weaver’s recent BRIT Awards appearance herald in a new era of local government influence?

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The Local Authority is a monthly podcast by Local Government Chronicle and FutureGov. 

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Trailer: The Local Authority Podcast

Trailer: The Local Authority Podcast

May 17, 2021

Hear from host Nick Golding, Editor of Local Government Chronicle, on what The Local Authority Podcast is all about.

Each month LGC will assemble a panel of industry leaders to discuss one of the key topics in the future of local government.

The first episode will be released on 09 June and will feature Jackie Weaver from THAT parish council Zoom meeting which went viral, and Alison McKenzie-Folan from Wigan MBC - with the episode focusing on democracy and remote meetings.

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